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Creating an Organizational Structure for a Small Business

Although the size of a small business may limit the resources it can use, creating an organisational structure for its employees is important for efficiency. A typical organisational structure should be based on three elements: sales and marketing, operations, and finance. Sales and marketing departments may include a public relations specialist, copywriter, and digital marketing specialist, while the operations department may include production, customer service, and accounts payable. In addition, the finance department will be responsible for maintaining records, preparing balance sheets, and payroll. Other departments, such as accounting, product development, and HR, may be outsourced.

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Organizational charts can be designed using different software. You can use a pencil and paper to make a first draft and then erase it, or use a design software. Microsoft Publisher, PowerPoint, and Word all have built-in shapes and arrows, which will make it easier to create an organizational chart for a small business. These tools will also help you to make a legible small business organizational chart.

Organisational charts are essential for small businesses, and they can be created manually or with a design software. Some software, such as Microsoft Publisher and PowerPoint, feature tools that will help you create a legible, streamlined organization chart. They are also useful for small businesses that don’t have their own IT department. They can use cloud-based applications to manage information and data, and the Lightning Platform in Salesforce allows non-coders to develop applications with ease.

Improve your structure with a Global Employer of Record

For many firms, international expansion is an important goal. Whether it’s to gain access to the overseas market, broaden the existing customer base, global expansion offers the chance necessary to reach these goals.

An Employer of Record (EOR) is an organization that undertakes the legal liability of employing an employee on behalf of your company wherever you are and wherever you consider.

The main benefits of partnering with an EoR are:

  • Reduced risk for your company
  • No local organization or entity is needed
  • Flexibility
  • Compliance with local immigration laws
  • Local payroll and tax compliance

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