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Forehead augmentation with silicone

The forehead is the highest part of the face and is what gives the overall look of the face proportional. The protruding forehead not only makes you look younger but also enhances the glory. So many people want to have forehead augmentation for good physiognomy. Some people choose to augment their foreheads with fat. Some people have their forehead augmented with fillers, which are inexpensive, but the results may not be sustainable. The safest and most sustainable for forehead augmentation that we want to take everyone to know would be nothing but “Silicone forehead augmentation”

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Forehead augmentation with silicone, is it dangerous?

There are many methods of forehead augmentation. Whether it’s a forehead augmentation with fillers or fat cells. Over time, these substances may deteriorate, causing the forehead to be unevenly rough. But if surgery is performed using quality grade silicone or Implant Grade, which is a silicone that will not deteriorate, it can last a lifetime. Often there is swelling and bruising from the surgical wound, so it takes about 5-7 days to recover. Silicone forehead augmentation is harmless. It just takes a long time to recuperate, sure enough.

How to choose a silicone forehead augmentation clinic

For anyone who has plans to have a forehead augmentation and is looking for a good clinic, you can consider the types of silicones that are available. surgical technique Including the technology that the clinic uses to help the surgery be effective and have good results for the surgery and the patient. The details are as follows.

Choose a forehead augmentation from the type of silicone.

There are two types of silicone that are used for forehead augmentation, “special casting silicone” and “finished silicone”, which are different from each other.

– Unique molded silicone It is a personalized silicone mold designed specifically for each skull. Both from plaster casting and skull X-rays. It is the only silicone in the world because it is made specifically for use on the skull of the surgical recipient. Therefore, silicone can be designed according to requirements.

– finished silicone It is a pre-existing silicone and can be used immediately without printing a mold to create a new one. It’s a silicone that fits most people and comes in a variety of sizes. Can add a bulge to the face naturally.

Selected silicone forehead augmentation analyzed using CT SCAN.

CT SCAN is a machine that detects abnormalities within the body through radiation to the organs to be examined and then sends the data to a computer for processing and creating both plane and 3D images. It is a modern x-ray machine. Have the ability to analyze and evaluate in detail Accurate and accurate. The doctor then uses the results to design the silicone to solve the problem to meet the needs of the patient before sending it to the lab to form the silicone that is most suitable for the patient.

Choose a silicone forehead augmentation with laparoscopic surgery, less recovery, small incision.

In general forehead augmentation surgery, the incision is about 5 cm long to insert a larger silicone which may affect the nerves. But nowadays, an endoscope is used during surgery to allow the doctor to see the tissue inside the patient’s skull in detail without having to open a large incision. Therefore, the doctor can insert the silicone neatly and tightly. Smaller incisions affect other nerves and tissues, resulting in less swelling and less bruising, so recovery time is not long.

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