How to Style a Green Outfit

If you’re planning a spring wardrobe, you may be wondering how to style a green outfit. You might already own a few pieces in this color, but you might not have any idea how to pair them together. The good news is that it’s not hard to pull off an eco-friendly look. Just follow these simple tips for styling your new wardrobe. Once you’ve found the right pieces, you can start experimenting!

Firstly, a piece of clothing in green should be a basic shade. A bright shade like lime or yellow will look great with a green top, while a darker shade of green will look great with a black dress. A green pair of shoes will also work well, so be sure to choose a heeled pair to complement your footwear. Wear a bold bag in the same color to stand out and get a lot of attention.

A good way to add green to an outfit is to pair it with a neutral. While it might not be the most flattering color, green can be paired with almost anything, and will always work well with other colors. For example, a dark shade of green looks great with navy pants. But, if you want to be bold, try wearing a pair of trousers in a darker tone. If you’re looking for a more feminine look, try a light-colored green.

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