Methods of treatment and causes of sensitive skin

Sensitive Skin is a group of patients that have skin that is sensitive to external disturbances. Especially chemicals and weather conditions, then there are symptoms of rash, acne, blisters, itching, burning, dryness, redness, peeling.

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What is Sensitive Skin? Sensitive skin is skin that is easily irritated by external things. Skin conditions are often dry, flaky, and are prone to redness and itching easily when exposed to any product, with skin sensitization when changing skin care products. contact with certain clothing Skin care products that contain perfumes, cosmetics, skin creams, including sunscreen. The level of sensitivity varies from person to person.

The appearance of sensitive skin

It is a skin that is easily irritated and susceptible to external things. that come into contact with the surface So often have many skin problems. Whether it’s sensitive skin, red skin, irritation, dry skin, peeling, swelling, tightness, allergic rash, itching, inflammation and acne easily.

Symptoms that indicate that we have sensitive skin are as follows:

  1. I tend to irritate my skin when trying new products.

 Most people with sensitive skin. Will not change skin products very often. But if we try a new brand and have skin irritation, rash or redness on the face. It is possible that we may have sensitive skin.

  1. There is often redness and irritation when the skin is exposed to sunlight for a long time.

It’s another sign that we may have sensitive skin.

  1. There are many skin problems.

 Both acne problems, dull skin, not bright, dark spots, freckles

  1. I feel itchy. When using some products that contain ingredients that are not suitable for people with sensitive skin.

such as perfumes, colors, alcohol, parabens and preservatives. If people with sensitive skin use products containing such substances. It will make you feel tight, burning, itching, and should be rinsed immediately. Because that’s a warning sign that we may be allergic to that product.

The cause of sensitive skin

Normally, the top layer of our skin has a protective barrier. It is a natural skin protection mechanism. including helping to retain moisture In people with sensitive skin, it is caused by the destruction of the protective layer of the skin. When the armor is weak, it can’t protect the skin from external stimuli as well. various external stimuli therefore stimulate the skin to react In the form of defeat. The motivating factors include:

– Weather, whether it’s too hot and humid or too cold and dry Even washing your face with warm water will encourage your skin to be prone to irritation.

– Pollution, dust, dirt in everyday life Affects our delicate skin.

– Various skin care products in contact with the skin There will be a mixture of perfume, preservatives, alcohol that makes some people easily irritated.

– Stress, staying up late, not getting enough rest causing hormonal fluctuations in the body. The skin is less healthy.

– Nutrient deficiencies include zinc, vitamin C, coQ10, and vitamin E.

How to care for sensitive skin

We can avoid various external factors. That can cause sensitive skin and can change behaviors that may trigger allergic reactions as follows:

1. Keeping the surface clean at all times.

Whether it’s the cleanliness of the skin that needs to be wiped off makeup and residues thoroughly every day. Including the cleanliness of personal items such as pillowcases, bed sheets, towels or even mobile phones. Because these things are likely to come in contact with our skin. If they get dirty, they can cause rashes or breakouts.

2. Wash your face with normal temperature water.

The doctor recommends that you should not use too hot water for washing your face. Because it will cause the balance of the skin to be washed out too much. And should not wash your face too often, just 2 times a day (morning-evening) is enough.

3. Avoid using strong handkerchiefs.

After washing your face, you should gently wipe and blot your face and do not pick, peel, squeeze, scratch, as this will stimulate your skin to be irritated.

4. Selection of skin care products especially for sensitive skin.

Those with sensitive skin should opt for face washes and skin care products that have been dermatologist-tested to be gentle on their skin. alcohol free without perfume Free from colorants and fragrances Paraben free To reduce the risk of skin irritation.

5. Protecting the skin from dryness

This part is very important. Doctors recommend choosing a face cream or serum that replenishes and retains moisture in the skin, such as a cream containing ceramide.

6. The Importance of Sunscreen

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your face every day as UV rays can inflame your skin more easily. dull skin It is also one of the causes of pimples. So always wear sunscreen. We should choose a sunscreen that is suitable for sensitive skin with it.

7. Eating all 5 food groups

It is very important to eat a nutritious and nutritious diet. and supplemented with antioxidants and vitamin C

8. Get enough rest Make your mind fresh and clear. no tension

Even if your skin is sensitive, there is no cure for it. But these skin care regimens can help restore weakened skin gradually. I can be stronger.

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