Pros and Cons of Educational Technology

Using educational technology can be beneficial. It can free up time for teachers, allowing them to focus on their core duties. Moreover, it can improve the learning environment for students. But, it can also cause problems, like the fact that it changes the role of the teacher. Ultimately, it does not make students and teachers better. There are some pros and cons of using educational technologies. These pros and cons can be found below.

Access to information is one of the most significant advantages of educational technology. Besides providing instant access to resources, it can supplement student learning. For example, students can use the internet to research and collaborate with their classmates. By using a self-contained edtech application, students can keep their devices away from other online experiences. Additionally, they can develop necessary skills to use technology in the workplace and other areas of life. Despite these benefits, the main con of using educational tech is that it distracts students. A teacher cannot always monitor students who are utilizing educational technology, especially in an environment that is full of distractions.

Despite the numerous benefits of educational technology, there are a few disadvantages as well. While the advantages are numerous, there are also disadvantages. As a teacher, you can’t expect students to be fully attentive at all times. Depending on the age of the students, you should consider their learning abilities and preferences. While it’s not always easy to decide which is better, it’s essential to determine how much screen time is appropriate for students.

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