PureVolume Review

As one of the first independently run music sites, PureVolume is making waves on the Internet. It’s a site that allows you to find new music from artists you love and listen to new releases from all over the world. Its founders, Mitchell Pavao, Brett Woitunski, and Nathan Hudson, are passionate about sharing music and hope to make a difference in the lives of music lovers worldwide. However, there are some problems with the website.

While there were some problems with the site, it was well received by music critics and music enthusiasts. The company had a solid off-line presence at various music festivals across the United States, including the Vans Warped Tour. bestnewshuntThey have also partnered with such companies as Levis, M-Audio, Gibson, and Ernie Ball. Furthermore, they have even collaborated with some smaller businesses to bring their music to the masses.

The site became popular in 2010 as a place for emerging and new artists to get exposure. Its homepage featured a profile for each artist that typically featured a short bio and a sample of their music. Some of the songs were also free to download. A PureVolume account can be created by fans who want to follow the artist’s career. The site changed its color from orange to blue, which was a sign of success, as more artists were starting to use it as a promotional tool.


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