Top 8 Music Streaming Apps You Should Try!

Free music streaming apps is one of the best and most useful types of apps you can download on your phone. Imagine having access to millions of songs right in the palm of your hand, without paying a single penny! That is what the best music news hunt streaming apps promise. But the most challenging part is picking one that is worthy of your time.

How to Pick the Right Music Streaming App for You

Most music streaming platforms you find offer free plans however, they come with limited audio quality and functionality in contrast to paid plans. But you’re likely to find up to six month free plans on paid subscriptions to test the best goods before buying. If you’re someone who listens to music occasionally, downloading a free music streaming platform makes more sense than paying for something you don’t use much.

We have rounded up 8 of the best music streaming apps available for free on Android and iOS devices. Download them from the app store with the super-fast TDS internet service and stream your favorite tracks on the go.

1. Pandora

Pandora is one of the most popular music streaming apps for all the right reasons. You can easily find songs similar to your favorite ones by simply entering your favorite artists on the app. Pandora will recommend similar artists and their songs india songs to you. You can rate the songs playing so the app improves its recommendations based on what you like and dislike.

All you have to do is register on Pandora to save pre-made stations based on your favorite artists, and rate songs to fine-tune your playlist.

2. Shazam

One of the finest audio-search tools out there, Shazam does a pretty incredible job at identifying songs for you with one single tap. It’s great for finding the name of the song you heard playing in the background at the store or during a movie. Shazam will tell you the name of the song and the artist behind it all with just a single tap.

Every song you find through the app is stored as a tag, which can be shared with friends as well. Plus you can also play the identified song on Spotify, watch the music video on YouTube, read album reviews, view the discography, and create a Pandora station telesup too. Sync all your Shazamed music across different platforms by creating a user account now!

3. Spotify

Spotify is a popular music app used by millions across the world to stream and sync music from desktops and follow artists. It’s similar to Pandora as it let you create playlists and suggests music based on your interest. You can find music, onlinebahisforum add your favorites to your library, find artists and albums directly or view top lists and learn about new releases. The best part about Spotify? You can make a playlist and share it with anyone so they can stream the same music as you on their Spotify app. It works flawlessly on several platforms, allows you to create an unlimited number of playlists, and lets you enjoy premium features for a month at no extra charges!

4. iHeartRadio

If you want to carry a radio with you at all times, download this radio app right on your smartphone. iHeartRadio has everything you need – from awesome features and no commercials to multi-device support and ease of access.

You can create multiple music stations and listen to your favorite songs and podcast episodes and play the radio when you want, all from a single place, plus upgrading to iHeartRadio Plus or All Access gives you a ton of advanced features you can use to elevate your music streaming experiences, such as instant replays, unlimited skips, and playlists. The app works perfectly on a variety of platforms.

5. LiveOne

LiveOne offers an entirely redefined radio streaming experience. It has a number of pre-made streaming radio stations for almost every genre. You can fine-tune the station to play more songs or let it be to listen to new kinds of music. The upgraded version offers an ad-free experience, high-quality audio, offline streaming, access to on-demand music, and unlimited skips!

6. SoundCloud

SoundCloud makes it super easy to discover new music! The app includes tons of user-generated audio, including music and homemade audio from up-and-coming artists. Every minute, 10-plus hours of audio are uploaded by other users which means you can find a ton of interesting and likable content. Create and share customized playlists with others, access your saved songs on the web and app, and record and upload your own audio on the app.

7. YouTube Music

What we like about this particular music streaming platform is that you will find and discover content you usually wouldn’t find anywhere else. It includes content from lesser-known artists and niche content creators giving them more exposure and the chance to find and explore new music and artists you might like. It comes with a powerful recommendation engine that offers content and songs based on your previously played content.

Plus its incredible smart search function will help you find songs even when you don’t know the title. Moreover, YouTube Music lets you play live recordings, watch interviews and concert footage, and includes much more apart from popular music videos. You can get Music Premium for $9.99 per month and watch whatever you want without any ads. If you’re a student, you can benefit from its Student plan.

8. Amazon Prime Music

Access to Amazon Prime will also give you access to Amazon Prime Music. While it’s an entry-level music streaming service, you still get access to an incredibly rich music library of over 2 million songs you can stream for free! You can pair it up with Alexa and stream music with zero ads.

To Wrap It Up

Elevate your music streaming experience with any of these free music streaming apps. They work on both Android and iOS devices and all you need to use them is a strong internet connection! We suggest TDS because TDS internet deals and offers are flexible and affordable with advanced Wi-Fi  So what are you waiting for? Download your favorite music streaming app, listen to songs, and share playlists with friends!

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